Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite panel product features

1, wear

      Ceramics with 95% AL2O3 add a variety of wear-resistant materials, a unique formula, 100 tons of dry pressure molding, with a high density, high toughness, wear resistance and so on. By the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of silicate testing, I produced the wear-resistant ceramic wear resistance equivalent to 266 times the manganese steel, high chromium cast iron 171.5 times.

2. resistant to cold and high temperature

      One-piece vulcanized impact-resistant wear-resistant ceramic liner is developed on the basis of years of experience, adding a variety of ingredients to the rubber, so that the rubber at minus 50 degrees low temperature and 100 degrees of high temperature environment will not Change the internal structure, so as to avoid rubber aging, porcelain off.

3. impact resistance

      I produced the wear-resistant ceramic in the formula introduced with the Al2O3 lattice is very similar to the Cr2O3 and TiO2, while adding from Japan Toshiba introduced ZnO whiskers, in the sintering process and the formation of solid solution with Al2O3, Grain, promote sintering and improve the role of fracture toughness. As the raw material is expensive, the current domestic manufacturers are not using this formula.

Our company wear-resistant ceramic products fracture toughness KIC ≥ 4.8Mpa / m.

4. Bonding firmly

      I take the most reliable way to ensure that the company does not fall off:

A. Ceramic and rubber vulcanization process mature and reliable.

      In the ceramic surface treatment before vulcanization, we use the US imports of surface treatment agent. Vulcanized products Even if the liner is bent 360 °, the ceramic will not fall off the rubber.

B. ceramic liner and steel paste firmly

      In the ceramic liner and steel bonding, we use imported metal and rubber adhesive. The product has strong adhesion, good heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and so on. As my company's ceramic rubber liner paste special adhesive, nearly a decade in the use of hundreds of customers, reliability is very good, so far, no one product off the problem.

      Organic adhesive maximum temperature of 100 ℃, the lowest minus 50 ℃. Mainly applicable to the ceramic rubber composite liner paste, due to strong adhesion of organic viscose, while the liner and equipment contact area is large, very suitable for large impact, serious wear and tear of the material conveying system, such as power plant coal handling system, Steel, smelting sintering plant and so on.